Why free comics?

As Captain of the Good Ship Sinopia, I must confess: Days of Dark Fire, Sinopia’s first in-house comic, is my life’s work. Year after year went past and this comic just kept teaching me so much about writing.

So, after so many years of hard work, you can image the reactions I got when I told everyone I was building a spaceship to get this comic into the hands of Fans for free.

Sure, I considered the traditional publishing model, but I didn’t like the idea of turning my relationship with Fans into a customer/store dynamic.

Instead, I wanted Days of Dark Fire to be a way to truly connect with new Fans. I wanted to build a community where Fans and Creators could come together to support one another in the development of great art.

When I talked to fellow comic Creators about this concept of donation-based publishing, many confessed that a non-traditional platform like this would be useful to them in helping to promote some of their undiscovered projects.

So, after thinking long and hard about it, I cashed in my life’s saving to build the Good Ship Sinopia. And as I’m sure you’ve noticed: all our comics are free for Fans to enjoy. The reason for this: here at Sinopia, we trust our Fans, and want to empower you to be more than just customers.

You’re not restricted by a cover price on this site. Instead, you’re encouraged to work together with your favorite Creators to help shape the future of comics.


Giovanni Smith
Founder and Captain of the Good Ship Sinopia

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