We’ve Got Mail: And It’s Fan Art!

Attention fellow travelers,

We’ve just received some fan art depicting the characters in Days of Dark Fire! Check this out:

This beautiful piece of artwork is courtesy of @Smallsharkillus, a fellow traveler aboard the Good Ship Sinopia, fan of Days of Dark Fire, and a super talented artist.

If you seem him roaming the hallways of the Good Ship Sinopia, be sure to say hello – or you could always go visit his Instagram page over @Smallsharkillus where he is pumping out some beautiful art!

What do you think?! Did the artist capture the true essence of these characters? We think he did an excellent job!

Is there more Days of Dark Fire fan art out there? If so, be sure to drop us a line either using the ship’s onboard communicator, or by reaching out to us on social media @Sinopiacomics

Having worked on Days of Dark Fire for so many years, I can’t even begin to tell you how great it feels to receive beautiful pieces of fan art like this. To know that there are readers out there enjoying this epic fantasy adventure comic means so much to me and the whole creative team!


Giovanni Smith
Founder and Captain of the Good Ship Sinopia

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