Welcome aboard!

Welcome aboard the Good Ship Sinopia! Our mission: To explore the far recesses of the indie comic universe in search of fresh, new comics for Fans to enjoy.

Sinopia Comics is not your traditional publisher. I built the Good Ship Sinopia to be something more.

This spacecraft operates on a donation-based platform, meaning: all the comics on our site are free for Fans to enjoy. And when Fans find a comic they like, they can support their favorite Creators by gifting them a donation.

Think of the Good Ship Sinopia as a sanctuary for comic Fans and Creators: a home where we can all come together to support one another in the creation of great art.

Enrollment is free, so please join us on this exciting journey into deep space. Here on The Bridge, when Sinopia’s Officers discover great new comics, we’ll beam the books aboard and straight into your staterooms, where all members can enjoy them for free.

In your staterooms, you’ll also find an arsenal of tools that will allow you to reward your favorite Creators:

  • Use the donation tool to financially thank a Creator for sharing their comic with us
  • Use the social media links to help tell the home world about a Creator’s comic you enjoyed
  • Use the Leave a Note tool (available when you make a donation) to share your feedback on a series with us

Hand poised on the throttle, I can’t help but think how long I’ve waited for this moment. I truly believe that we’ve created something new and novel here: A platform that removes the obstacles for Fans wanting to try indie comics, while also serving as a sanctuary for Creators wanting to share their untold stories with the world.

I’m so excited to see what contributions everyone onboard this ship will make to the future of: comics, independent Creators, and publishing.

As we venture forth, stay tuned to this blog for the most current voyage updates.

And now, after so many years of preparation, the Good Ship Sinopia is ready for departure. Anchor up.  Engines to power. Happy reading, everyone.


Giovanni Smith
Founder and Captain of the good ship Sinopia
Sinopia Comics Inc.


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