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Your Captain’s story:

I’ve always loved comics…but as a young boy I hated writing. For my Dad—the Teacher—this just wouldn’t do. So he made me an offer I couldn’t refuse: he said, “every day that you write two pages, I’ll take you out for desert.”

As you can image, my love for writing comics quickly grew with my waistline.

Eventually, thought it probably took longer than it should have, I grew up, and got a job in public relations. But the comic dream never died and by night I continued to produce my first comic, entitled Days of Dark Fire—which is actually based off of the first comic script I ever wrote as a kid in Dad’s basement.

The Sinopia logo features a mask because I wanted the logo to serve as a constant reminder of the double-life required to make this comic dream a reality.

But finding a publisher was tough. I was told that there just wasn’t a market for a comic about super-powered medieval knights.

But this was my life’s work…I couldn’t just give up! So, I started my own publishing company, with the goal of using the skills I’ve learned working in public relations to help other Creators like me get their undiscovered stories into the hands of new Fans.

Donation-based publishing:

I’m sure, for many of you, my story sounds familiar. You pour all your sweat and tears into something, and then no one read your work. It’s incredibly frustrating and exactly the issue I’m trying to solve by founding Sinopia Comics.

Unconventional publishing models, such as donation-based publishing or Pay What You Want models, are becoming more popular with Creators.

But most publishers still operate on traditional models, forcing artists interested in reaching Fans through alternative avenues to go-it alone. But, the expensive start-up costs associated with this tends to deter most Creators.

That’s why I founded Sinopia Comics: an online, alternative distribution platform that takes care of all the logistics for Creators looking for new avenues to reach Fans.

The benefits:

Sinopia Comics is dedicated to helping struggling comic projects gain exposure.

Here at Sinopia, we don’t force Fans to buy our comics. What this means for Creators is your projects won’t live or die by how “commercial” they are. We are looking for quality stories, regardless of their commercial potential.

In addition, Creators no longer have to go-it alone. Our platform is free for all Creators to use and we take care of all the logistics (hosting, collection of donations, etc.) for you. Allowing you to focus more on what matters most: your art!

Lastly, but most importantly, when you use the Sinopia platform, you become a part of something bigger than your individual project. You have the opportunity to join forces with other passionate indie Creators to better leverage all of our combined voices to collectively market our projects.

Submit your comic project today! 

The Good Ship Sinopia’s doors are open and we’re now actively reviewing comic project submissions. Visit our submission’s page for all the details.


Giovanni Smith
Founder and Captain of the Good Ship Sinopia

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