Sinopia launches first in-house comic!

Well, folks, I hope you’re all settled in onboard the Good Ship Sinopia. On behalf of the ship and crew, I’m extremely pleased to present to you chapter one of Sinopia’s very first in-house-produced graphic novel, entitled: Days of Dark Fire.

The concept:

Super-powered medieval knights, capable of wielding powerful magic, struggle to defend their kingdom from a secret covenant of dark mages and super-powered vampires/werewolves.


An immature young prince is unwittingly manipulated into turning his father’s kingdom against itself by a secret society of dark mages, who’s power extends far into the Kingdom’s past.

As the fate of the Phoenix Empire hangs in the balance, one prince must discover the ancient magic locked within him and fulfill his destiny.

Valiant knights and royal mages clash with armies of Dark Phoenix Spawn in this epic fantasy adventure that will test the steel of a young prince and a kingdom’s finest.

The trailer:

More of a visual person? Check out the official Days of Dark fire trailer here.

Quotes from the creative team:

“Never, EVER, pick a fantasy comic as your first comic to attempt to write. It’s like being hit with a blinding spell: so many years have passed and I have no idea where the time went! Like our main character, Prince Russell, I embarked on this quest a boy, and after countless wrong turns and revised scripts, this comic has made me into the man I am today. I am so grateful to get to see this quest through to the end.” – Giovanni Smith,   Co-creator and Writer of Days of Dark Fire.

“This project has helped me to grow as an artist like no other. Getting to create a fantasy world from the ground up was a lot of fun. This comic has a great mix of action and beautiful visuals which has really kept me on my toes.” – Mike Gaughran, Co-creator and Lead Artist for Days of Dark Fire.

Cover art:

We truly hope you’ll enjoy reading our first comic as much as we enjoyed creating it.

While you check out this first adventure, the crew up here on the Bridge will keep searching the cosmos for more great stories for you to enjoy.

Happy reading!


Giovanni Smith
Founder and Captain of the Good Ship Sinopia

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