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Your Captain’s story: I’ve always loved comics…but as a young boy I hated writing. For my Dad—the Teacher—this just wouldn’t do. So he made me an offer I couldn’t refuse: he said, “every day that you write two pages, I’ll … Continued

Why free comics?

As Captain of the Good Ship Sinopia, I must confess: Days of Dark Fire, Sinopia’s first in-house comic, is my life’s work. Year after year went past and this comic just kept teaching me so much about writing. So, after … Continued

Sinopia launches first in-house comic!

Well, folks, I hope you’re all settled in onboard the Good Ship Sinopia. On behalf of the ship and crew, I’m extremely pleased to present to you chapter one of Sinopia’s very first in-house-produced graphic novel, entitled: Days of Dark … Continued

Welcome aboard!

Welcome aboard the Good Ship Sinopia! Our mission: To explore the far recesses of the indie comic universe in search of fresh, new comics for Fans to enjoy. Sinopia Comics is not your traditional publisher. I built the Good Ship … Continued