Days of Dark Fire Chapter 3, out now!

Attention all Travelers aboard the Good Ship Sinopia, A quick update to let you know that Chapter 3 of Days of Dark Fire has been uploaded to your stateroom’s entertainment system–available to read, for any price you want. Donations warmly … Continued

We’ve Got Mail: And It’s Fan Art!

Attention fellow travelers, We’ve just received some fan art depicting the characters in Days of Dark Fire! Check this out: This beautiful piece of artwork is courtesy of @Smallsharkillus, a fellow traveler aboard the Good Ship Sinopia, fan of Days … Continued

Sinopia’s first comic trailer is out now!

Attention all travelers aboard the Good Ship Sinopia, Think you’re having a bad day? Did that darn coffee materializer spit out hot chocolate again by mistake? Were you up all night due to that pesky asteroid belt we crashed our … Continued

Days of Dark Fire Chapter 2 available now!

Exciting news, Comic Fans, I’ve just gotten word that Chapter 2 of Days of Dark Fire is now available for you to read in your staterooms! Click the below link to read the next exciting chapter for free! And don’t … Continued

Panel One Comic Creator Festival

All Travelers, A small away-team was sent to Earth this past weekend to attend the Panel One Comic Creator Festival on behalf of Sinopia Comics. I’m happy to report that the mission was a great success. For those of you … Continued

Days of Dark Fire receives glowing review

Great news from the Bridge, Back on Earth, the folks over at the Pop Culture Café have published a glowing review of Days of Dark Fire, Sinopia’s first in-house published comic. Here’s a little teaser of what Scott at the … Continued

Calgary Comic Expo 2017 recap

Fellow Travelers, As many of you know, we made a quick detour back to Earth last week to attend the Calgary Comic Expo. Originally, we were told that there were no booths available at the event. Then, a few days … Continued

Sinopia now accepting submissions!

Your Captain’s story: I’ve always loved comics…but as a young boy I hated writing. For my Dad—the Teacher—this just wouldn’t do. So he made me an offer I couldn’t refuse: he said, “every day that you write two pages, I’ll … Continued