Days of Dark Fire receives glowing review

Great news from the Bridge,

Back on Earth, the folks over at the Pop Culture Café have published a glowing review of Days of Dark Fire, Sinopia’s first in-house published comic.

Here’s a little teaser of what Scott at the Pop Culture Café had to say:

Giovanni Smith is a great writer, who can bring together a complex story while giving his characters dialogue that moves along the story, but develops their personalities for better or worse. Titan “Tyson” comes to mind. He’s a wise ass, but your able to see there’s good inside that character before his actions even get to that point. Can’t say enough about this great dialogue.

Artist Mike Gaughrans art gave the story a great sense of medieval, epic adventure to it…”

You can read the full review at the Pop Culture Café’s website, here.


Giovanni Smith
Founder and Captain of the Good Ship Sinopia

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