Days of Dark Fire Chapter 2 available now!

Exciting news, Comic Fans, I’ve just gotten word that Chapter 2 of Days of Dark Fire is now available for you to read in your staterooms!

Click the below link to read the next exciting chapter for free! And don’t forget that when you donate to the hard working Creators that made this book, you’ll have the option to send them a note. We’d love to hear what you think of the series!

Days of Dark Fire Chapter 2


Days of Dark Fire: The Epic Adventure continues with our heroes infiltrating the Broken Wing–a town known for their hatred of king and crown.

Risking their lives to liberate a town that hates them from the clutches of a gang of vicious thugs, our heroes take up arms with a band of rebels at their side.

Meanwhile, deep in the shadows, a dark mage sparks a fire that threatens to destroy everything the Phoenix King has struggled to create.

Life in Phoenix Rise shall never be the same again…

Cover art:

Happy Reading!


Giovanni Smith
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