Welcome aboard the Good Ship Sinopia! A spaceship (though some may call us an online comic distribution company), with a simple mission:

To explore the indie comic universe in search of fresh, new comics for Fans to enjoy.

Donation-based publishing:

Here, aboard the Good Ship Sinopia, we don’t force Fans to pay for comics. We empower our Fans to support the Creators they connect with.

Our ship fosters a state-of-the-art, donation-based environment, meaning: all comics are free to enjoy! Registration is also completely free.

Once onboard, in your stateroom you’ll find an arsenal of tools that allow you to support your favorite Creators:

  • Use the donation tool to financially thank a Creator for sharing their comic with us all
  • Use the social media links to help tell the home world about a Creator’s comic you enjoyed
  • Use the Leave a Note tool (available when you make a donation) to share your feedback on a series with us

As Captain of this ship, it is my hope that Fans and Creators will come together aboard this ship to support one another.

How to get started?

Fans, 18 years of age or older, who are ready to embark with us can sign up for a free account at our ship’s registration desk.

Creators with a completed comic can visit our submission page for more details on our spaceship’s distribution model.

Why the name: Sinopia?

Sinopia is a dark reddish-brown pigment that was often used in the Renaissance Era to outline the figures in mural paintings: creating the foundation for some of the world’s greatest works of art.

What greater name for a spaceship that searches the universe for untold stories than one which has served for centuries as the foundation for fine art.